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sc 505 A Return to Farpoint; D’Manda Martini S’plains It All!

March 6, 2020

Listen as Toppie and DJ Starsage have a fast-paced conversation with Performance Artist extraordinaire D’Manda Martini on such topics as Science Fiction, Comic Books, Movies, Star Trek, Star Wars, the X-Men, Cosplay, Costume Designing, Drag Queens and Drag Performance! D’Manda Martini s’plains it all, right here on the Smellcast — a podcast that doesn’t really stink all that much!

Toppie with D’Manda Martini as “Jean Grey, the Phoenix”!


DJ Starsage with D’Manda (as Lwaxana Troi from Star Trek – TNG)


Matinee Minutiae with DJ Starsage and Toppie Smellie


Promo for March 6, 2020 live streaming edition of Matinee Minutiae at 9pm (eastern)

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sc 288 LIVE! The Conflict (Part Four)

September 18, 2012

A live* performance by Toppie Smellie as heard September 14 at midnight on Pride48!

On the conclusion of “the Conflict,” Roger Bunting and Archer Ballz face off in a no-holds barred, knock down CAGE FIGHT to save Walt’s restaurant… and win the hand of Aunt Tappie!

*Not actually the same live show as heard on Pride48 — but the closest Toppie could manage given he FORGOT to press the record button… BWOMP BWOMP! Details on the podcast.

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sc 194 “Toppie’s Big Freakish Talent Show!”

September 3, 2011

Here’s the big show you’ve been waiting for!!!


Opening Medley

The Lovely Daniel
(aka “Deep Pockets” from The Dark Forest podcast

Marty McFlute

Performance ~ Spinning Plates Act
the strange alien from outer space
Last heard in episode 107 of the Smellcast

Scott the Satyr (Satyr69)
from the Satyrsphere podcast
“I’ve Never Been to Me”
written and composed by Charlene Oliver née D’Angelo

Ranger John
from The Dark Forest Podcast
Traumerei by Robert Schumann
from his suite Kinderszenen

Mark in Canada
from Musings of A Tech Writer podcast
his original short story “The Trial”

The Fey Driver
from the Pink Wheelnuts podcast
Jokes and his original poem, “Ode To A Tire”

(The Mysterious)
Crone Haven

Song “Bonny Moon”

Toppie & Sassy
“Who’s On First?”
(old vaudeville routine made famous by Abbott and Costello)

from the Flatus Show podcast
A Parade In Town
by Stephen Sondheim
from his musical Anyone Can Whistle

Comedy Performance
by QSledge!

Tom, the Ramblin’ Redhead
from the Ramble Redhead podcast
“After Midnight” by J. J. Cale

Original Song/Vocals
from The Power Gay podcast
“Got Addictions”
by Matthew Fenmore

Toppie wishes to
express his great gratitude
who took the time to be involved and participate
in this special episode of the Smellcast!!

He could not have done it without you!


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The Smellcast/Toppie’s Big Freakish Talent Show!

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