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sc 324 Doing Versus Thinking

June 2, 2013

sc episode 324

Toppie is in his hidey-hole apartment chit-chatting about envying the life-skills he sees in others, but lacks himself.  Learn the latest on his apartment hunt and what’s going on with his parents.  Plus: Toppie has had THREE dreams about one particular podcaster!  Find out which one on this week’s episode of the Smellcast!

Podcasts mentioned on the show today: Tom and his “the Ramble Red Head Show,”  Joey Bucheker’s “Cocktails and Cream Puffs,” Kentie’s “The Flatus Show”.  Kalvin from “Hello Waffles”.

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sc 246 “The Departure.”

January 3, 2012

Toppie begins his third year on the Smellcast with a special welcome from Brother Cinaedus!  Sassy reveals he is on a diet for his boyfriend Sebastienne (who supposedly lives in France).  Mention is made of the weight loss challenge going on over at Gay Life of A Country Boy.  Toppie finally reveals the answer to an old TV theme song mystery he once asked listeners to identify.  It was the theme from a 1974 Television series called The Magician, starring Bill Bixby (Toppie says he had a major crush on Bill Bixby when he was a kid).  Also, find out what the Fey Driver sent Toppie!  And finally, listen as Jose Santos (portrayed in today’s episode by Musing Mark of Cananda) departs to begin his search for his beloved, Walter Snicker-Snicker.

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sc 27: Toppie vs Bambi

January 29, 2010

Toppie blabs on and on today about a whole variety of ordinary life topics.

His latest computer woes.

Sassy Gateway is still in a bad mood.

Toppie discusses a video project he’s been working on since forever — a project that is  always being put off if not because of Toppie’s natural inclination to be a procrastinator, then because of computer problems.

Four days until high speed internet. Toppie talks about how much he misses looking at you-tube videos.

Toppie talks about some podcasts he’s listening to including Spanking Bea Arthur, where Matthew is losing weight. Toppie recalls the one time in his life he lost 50 pounds.  It wasn’t pretty.

Do we burp more than we think we do?  Is that why podcasters are obsessed with the burping?  Is it because as podcasters the microphones are on and always recording, thus exposing them as the human burp machines that they are?  These are the things Toppie spends a considerable amount of time thinking about.

Toppie’s been getting to work late too many days this month.  It really sucks when you’re so late getting to work you can’t even take your morning poop. Toppie talks about alarm clocks.  Sleep, sweet sleep. Toppie recalls a morning he was driving to work and nearly hit a deer.  He saw the whites of his eyes.  Squealing breaks!  Toppie burns rubber. He almost hit Bambi!! 60 miles an hour on 45 mile per hour road.  Good going Toppie.

Sassy flashes Toppie. Toppie is having a bit of an affair with Sassy you know.  Naked Sassy…It’s out of control… OUT OF CONTROL!  Toppie infers that Sassy is a slut.

Also: more about Toppie’s future self visiting him the other day.  Time travel and space time continuity.

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