sc 156 Oo – Lah – La SASSY!!

From November of 2009, a never heard before episode of the Smellcast featuring an early incarnation of Sassy, the Gateway computer!

Listen to the young, wanton lust displayed with utter abandon between Toppie and Sassy!  Here, in this unreasonably tragic world, this man and this laptop computer express their forbidden love for each other in a way that completely embarrasses friend Walter Snicker-Snicker.  In addition, Toppie reveals his deep seated jealousy of Auntie Vera Charles and his uncanny ability to produce a voice that sounds like it is coming over the telephone.  An ability that has — even to this day — eluded poor Toppie.

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Click the link below to listen to the Smellcast, episode 156.

The Smellcast/Episode 156

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8 Responses to “sc 156 Oo – Lah – La SASSY!!”

  1. Kalvin Says:

    Hi there, Toppie! Enjoying these old shows. You could always put your phone next the microphone and call it from another one I suppose…although that would require two phones. Hmm…and might not be loud enough. I like the pringle can idea, even though I can’t think of them without thinking of deep fried mashed potatoes. The cartoon episode was interesting. As a kid, I HATED Rocky and B. HATED. It grew on me a bit as I got older. I’ve never been a huge animation person which is surprising given my adoration of Fraeulein Kitty. Also, your old episodes involving the birds totally made me have to go watch the movie again. And, don’t hate me for saying this, but the way you said Bodega Bay was so odd to me, although not really that odd I guess. There were some actors in the film who said it that way, but most everyone here pronounces it buh-day-gah not bow-day-gah. Enjoyable though nonetheless! I adore Hitchcock so always fun to hear that mixed into something.


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      Good to hear from you again Kalvin. Yeah, there must be SOME way to rig up something to make my voice sound like it’s on the phone. Rocky and B. are way better when viewed as an adult. Isn’t “The Birds” great? I love everything about it. The slow build up. That really terrifying scene when Rod Taylor is trying to close the shutters on the windows when the seagulls are pecking at him… There are so many nature gone wild movies — but that’s the creme of the crop. Thanks for telling me about the correct pronunciation of Bodega Bay. Do you think Hitchcock really filmed anything there? I mean, if I really went there would I recognize anything from the movie? I have been enjoying your podcast.


  2. Kalvin Says:

    Thanks Toppie! I do think he filmed there. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the town itself, but the area looks precisely like that. There is no pet store in union square in sf though. We are so in love with our city that we watch vertigo and love to recognize places we’ve been. Silly and annoying I’m sure, but I’m by no means perfect if not even necessarily good.


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      Heh! Hell if they would ever film a movie here in Podunk Junction, I would be all over it. I find it really quite interesting to find locations I recognize in the movies. My main claim to fame is that I was actually IN Chicago the day they filmed the St Patrick’s Day parade scene in “The Fugitive.” Well. OK I never actually SAW them filming. But… well… I was THERE in the city the day they filmed a couple scenes. Well. OK. What??? Stop looking at me that way!!!!!


  3. Jay Y Says:

    I think Vertigo has to be my favorite Hitchcock. Kim Novak was so beautiful.


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      Vertigo was the one Hitchcock movie I was never able to see. Until at last they re-released it, restored and in perfect condition. Oddly enough, after everything I had heard about it — you know — like being Hitchcock’s most brilliant movie, I really felt let down. It took me a good three or four viewings to finally “get” what was happening. Now I think of Vertigo as the masterpiece it is. But it really took me a long while to warm up to it!


  4. Ramble Redhead Says:

    Great show – don’t take any shit from anyone – you are amazing!! 🙂


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