sc 287 The Conflict (Part Three)

On today’s episode of the Smellcast:  Part three of our exciting lead-in to our LIVE PRIDE48 Show that will be streaming your way at midnight (EDT) on September 14th over at Pride48!

“The Conflict” (Part Three): As Toppie ruminates over the mass-departure of his cast-members, Walter Snicker-Snicker makes a surprise appearance in a strange, prophetic dream-sequence!  The next day, following his dear friend’s plea, yet still not knowing why, Toppie meets up with Roger Bunting (Aunt Tappie’s fiance), to hear Roger make a startling revelation! Meanwhile, Aunt Tappie is having a secret meeting of her own — with the enemy: Archer Ballz!  Listen as opposing forces on the Smellcast come HEAD TO HEAD in this exciting, PULSE-POUNDING episode!

Be sure to hear the conclusion to this story on LIVE at Midnight, September 14th!  Log into the chat room and enjoy the episode LIVE as it happens with other listeners from around the world! Well, mostly anyways…

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