sc 415 There’s A Shy Yeti On the Telley (Part Two)

sc episode 415

A very special Happy Birthday shout-out to KAYDIN of Washington DC!  HI KAY!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  A holiday related Stick It Out Your Back Door! Finally, the second part of our interview with Paul Chandler, the Shy Yeti!


The Shy Life Podcast can be found HERE

The Shy Yeti’s Blog (Shy Yeti’s Shy Place) can be found HERE

Chubs Gone Wild podcast can be found HERE

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5 Responses to “sc 415 There’s A Shy Yeti On the Telley (Part Two)”

  1. Thatpeterg Says:

    I really liked the interview with Shy Yeti!


  2. Kathy Bacon Says:

    Happy Birthday Kaydin!! Hope your birthday was a little bit of what Toppie said and a little bit of Sassy McSass-Sass!!

    Thanks for talking over the backdoor submission!! LOL Toppie!!! I am such a tool.

    The poems are amazing ~ what a talent – similarly Mister Smelly if I recall you do a pretty amazing podcast with layers and drew back in the day.

    Well – back to cleaning – I have actually gotten more done in the past hour than I did the entire month – on a roll you might say. Company on Sunday (my mum).


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      Heh! I did sorta talk all over that, didn’t I? I hope Matthew will forgive! 😀 Yes, indeed! I was constantly drawing, once upon a time. It seems I left one way to tell stories (visually) behind for another way to tell stories (audibly). Lend me some of your house cleaning mojo!!! Maybe THAT’s what I need! Company coming over to inspire the need to clean! After her visit to you, when is your Mum free for a visit to me?


  3. Kathy Bacon Says:


    Sure, of course you told him you’re an artist …. please have him back!! your rapport is great


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