sc 554 BACK IN IOWA: Brenda Boo Interview (Part Two)

Brenda’s cat — “Tally”

In part two of Toppie’s interview with Brenda Boo we go so far as to discuss… fecal matter… and OTHER SUBJECTS!  

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4 Responses to “sc 554 BACK IN IOWA: Brenda Boo Interview (Part Two)”

  1. Kathy Bacon Says:

    The mystery foot though.


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      HAAAARRRR!!!! That’s exactly what I keyed in on (in that photo)!!! It weirded me out!!! So I mention it to Brenda and she said, “yeah that’s my foot…” and I’m like… Wha — ???? How can that possibly be? I mean, as the taker of the Picture, Brenda MUST be right there in FRONT of her cat snapping the pic!!! How can her leg and foot be in the next room???
      So, it turns out, yes, Brenda really is taking the photo and it is a mirror catching a reflection of her foot. She’s laying on the same bed as her cat!
      Wow, okay. But seriously, I was puzzled for a long time about that pic!!


      • Kathy Bacon Says:

        I was too!!!! I’m going to Iowa tomorrow. Now I don’t recall the name of the town she moved to but when I checked it’s quite a ways from Cedar Falls. Anyhoo!!! I looked, I zoomed, I was befuddled and then I realized the closet doors are mirrored. I was so confused but not alone, stinkpot!!! We were both confused. Thankfully.


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