sc 142 N.P.P.N.E.N.S.J. Day Four

HatM (of the Angry Pantry podcast) has a few words for Toppie.

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Click the link below to listen to the Smellcast, episode 142.

The Smellcast/Episode 142

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6 Responses to “sc 142 N.P.P.N.E.N.S.J. Day Four”

  1. HatM Says:



  2. HatM Says:

    Don’t mess with the Hat!


  3. Kalvin Says:

    Really enjoyed hearing HatM. Just keep at it! Progress is progress. Smoking zero is just smoking less. All reductions are progress. False starts are common. Everybody is different. You need to work out your strategy. Just keep going! My partner did the cig theft just like HatM did to his. Anywho, good luck!


  4. AP013 – Addictive behaviour | Angry Pantry! Says:

    […] did talk about smoking with Toppie the Hibernating Smellie on his no smoking January month and how hard it is to get over the addiction. Well here I am talking about my struggle with bearing […]


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