sc 314 Finding Walter (Part Two)

sc episode 314This important episode of the Smellcast features the history of Walter Snicker-Snicker and Jose Luis Alberto Manuel Santos:  We find Jose in Daytona, Florida where his beloved Walter Snicker-Snicker is believed to be lost. As Jose begins his day and prepares to resume his long search, his mind drifts back to his early years with Walt when they were eking out a meager living with a hot dog cart in upstate New York.

As we listen in, we learn how one day, Jose became inspired to begin preparing their hot dogs in a new and different way, serving it in tortillas.  And so begins their decades long emergence from hot dogs to burritos, eventually abandoning their outdoor food cart to invest in a real sit-down restaurant.  Along the way, we learn exactly how Toppie and Aunt Tappie were integral to this pivotal time in their lives.

A Special Tip of Toppie’s Top Hat  to Mark Jungmann from the Scooter Diaries Podcast for performing the voice of Jose Santos on this episode!  You may also know Mark on the Twitters as the Laffingbuddha!

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6 Responses to “sc 314 Finding Walter (Part Two)”

  1. kathybacon Says:

    My Prediction Sassy meets the Easter Bunny. Moosep reports BuddyRabbit missing, Conscience abducts Poodle and doesn’t care & Poodle loses her fancy Easter Bonnet.


  2. kathybacon Says:

    Personal injury hotline


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      I saw your elbow boo boo. If I had been there I would have come RUSHING to your aid. Suppressing a giggle-snort! It’s terrible that someone falling always strikes me like an old timey slpastick comedy bit. I blame America’s Funniest Home Videos! Anyways. Do TRY to be more careful my Bacon, sweet Bacon!


  3. Butler Says:

    I somehow KNEW that cut-up hot dogs were at the heart of Walt and Jose’s business success. (Didn’t want to say anything until now: would seem like boasting.) But really, are you so insistent on turning me, the listener, into an emotional lump? While I’m trying to keep up my Sassy-like aura of sexual invincibility? And on top of everything, with the Glassworks taking me way back to piano lessons… gosh, that’s some impact for one episode. But, I definitely had to keep listening, or if wouldn’t seem right to move on to the next one, and doubtless I’ll eat that up as well.


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      LOL! Yeah those hot dog burritos were, ahh… something else! Sorry about that emotional lump thing, but it does bring me some small joy knowing my little stories sometimes have that affect on listeners.


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