sc 320 Toppie Unplugged

sc episode 320

After more than a week of trying to put together a lil’ show, Toppie goes unplugged.  So what you have here is Toppie unvarnished. No edits (mostly).  This episode is a “record and dump.”  I mean bounce.  Bounce!  Anyways… it’s Toppie “unplugged,” as it were.  Okay, there were two edits.  But never mind that!  Hey, leave me alone, will’ya?  It’s just me talkin’ at you.  About life.  And death.  And shit like that.

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19 Responses to “sc 320 Toppie Unplugged”

  1. Kathybacon Says:

    I have an old son …. Well, he is Toppie! He is going to be 23!! And the day he no longer needs my support will be a very sad day for me …. It’s a parental love thingy….

    I have words with Derek all the time. And he ignores me. And I hope he succeeds and graduates in a year and then buys me an electronic. I’m so greedy. Hee-hee!

    I love the fan-board! And you…


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      I think I get what you’re trying to say. And you’re right parents and children have words all the time. It sorta goes with the territory. I know I sometimes take it worse than I should.


  2. Kathybacon Says:

    I’m going to the tattoo store tomorrow and if they have two minutes to do my tattoo I’m doing it. I’m not telling Jerald.


  3. Kathybacon Says:

    Holy crap !!!!!! This is my favorite show ever.


  4. Kathybacon Says:

    I am typing much slower. Is this an AOL thing? Ageism? I kid! I kid!


  5. Kathybacon Says:

    Could you recreate the first sixty episodes? Ask too much? Me? Really? When I get unvarnished I visit a tanning bed. After I’m done paying for this carpet I’m gong to buy a tanning bed, I think. Maybe. I know someone who blabs or 20 minutes. Ha!

    I love the fan.

    What color is it? Does it have a timer?

    I miss my digital camera ~ I have film that isn’t developed and now I know that the longer I wait the less likely it will ever get developed. Or will cost me an arm and a leg!

    Rent isn’t cheap anywhere. 15 years ago we paid $425 and now those places are $725.

    I will have to free bedrooms when Garrett leaves for college – you may not like the commute though.

    How’s the car?


  6. Kathybacon Says:

    O. K. I will go away!!!! You can delete these.


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      I was trying to be funny, but that’s one of the hazards of texting… Anyways, I don’t want you to go away and I guess this is all just post-lag communication confusion.

      I would love for the first 60 episodes to be available.

      LOL! I have an actual role of 35 mm FILM that has never been developed. I don’t even know what to do with it today. I qam also sort of afraid what I might see if I was ever to develop the role. Maybe it should just remain undeveloped.

      No, you’re right. Rent isn’t cheap, maybe nowhere.

      Anyway… I think I upset you with something I said where I was trying to be sassy/funny. But that’s all it was…Sorry.


  7. Kathybacon Says:

    Hugs ….

    Holy crap! Jerald kicked us out yesterday and told us to go find a tv stand and wall hangings. We showed him, we went to iron man three. I don’t even like super hero shows and I never saw one or two. Jerald’s going crazy.

    And it cost me $20 for pop and popcorn and $16 to get in. I could have bought a picture and a vase for that.


  8. Kathybacon Says:

    Look left and right. – that’s the world on your shoulders – deep breaths. You can do it!! So sorry Toppie. HUGS.


  9. Kathybacon Says:

    You said buy-buy like Tom. Great job Toppie. Have a great week? Chin up and I do hope you guys can do a show together about your mummy’s.


  10. Kathybacon Says:

    My luck Gavin will come to this comment section …..


  11. Kathybacon Says:

    No! I was being funny saying I was going away. Lol. Never toppie ~ we are just silly posters. I don’t expect a response. I talk to myself ll the time, sorta, ever hear me call the BFO? It’s like instant feedback. I was listening to your show. Hope your mama is healing.


  12. Kathybacon Says:

    I wonder if I used that old York envelope for film processing! Ha! Okay! Until the next show – nighty night!


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