sc 328 The Big Fat Hairy P*nis Show

sc episode 328

Whilst Toppie unpacks from his recent move into the chicken coop, please to enjoy this blast from the past, originally published March 20, 2011.  It’s the infamous episode in which Sassy McSass-Sass’ penis was revealed to be 15 inches long.

A veritable grab bag of full frontal nudity!  This show is big enough to handle most of you!  How’s your Captain Standish?  Please to enjoy this collection of sound clips, song and goof-ball insanity surrounding everyone’s favorite clothes prop!

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8 Responses to “sc 328 The Big Fat Hairy P*nis Show”

  1. ChromeBacon Says:

    Yay for unpacking!


  2. Kathybacon Says:

    Sift & purge (: organize & sort. All our least favorite words. Just bought some shelves and containers myself for the craft room aka furnace room so I can get my elliptical and treadmill in there. The new carpet is too thick for the elliptical. So – you are not alone. If you would like I could send you a picture. You will then dupe me Hoarder Bacon.


  3. Kathybacon Says:

    20 minutes into the Angry Pantry. You are such an awesome chatty chatter. You are polite in stopping Hattie and asking the perfect questions. The same ones I was thinking of as the conversation was going. Boy! People probably think Hat is a little obsessed wih me. Truly he is not. Anyway. I still have 35 minutes of it to go but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy you. Have a great week. It’s a four day week for me followed by a trip with the bikes and kids and automobile and the Monday to sons college. Second son that is. And home Tuesday! Have a good one. You warm my heart. You are kind and thoughtful ~ I’m happy to know you …


  4. Chrome Bacon Says:

    I finished it and you just got better.

    If you could have only saw my face Monday morning when I was driving to work and that chicken/hen/rooster/bird was in the street. that is the highway that runs right through town – now mind you I do not have a long commute and when I actually leave the house at 6:20 I usually only have to stop at one light and a stop sign – well – that morning the traffic was unusually slow – as in there were three cars piled up in the road almost stopped – well, I did not have my phone near me so I went to the office – took my belongings into the building – and then left again to get that picture/video – and by golly the little abandoned guy/girl was still there – but the store employee and a lady was trying to catch it – well!! I a have no idea what they thought they were going to do if they would have caught it – aside from get pooped on ???

    Anyway – have a GREAT rest of the week and weekend – I will be gone and pretty much unplugged. I am a WEE bit disappointed – the location we are headed to is expecting horrible weather on Saturday and we will be there for a little bike rally Make a Wish Fundraiser thing – we will also have our vehicle there and they have a decent mall should the weather take a dump on us – but it is not why we are going there – MEH!

    I am sleepy – ever since that lady called and told me my thyroid is out of whack and they gave me these meds I feel FATTER and Sleepier!!!! And the elliptical is still needing some adjustments to stop the squeak – but it is alright until I get back from the weekend trip and college visit next week.

    Well – I am sucking up your bandwidth so feel free to delete this – take care and hope all is well in the pickle hallows ~


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      Well gee… I hope your thyroid will get better. I guess that an off-kilter thyroid can really affect people on multiple levels… and then of COURSE there are side effects to the pills. Ugh. Well I hope the pills are gonna be temporary…


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