sc 368 That Your Eyes Have Seen

sc episode 368

Presenting an episode sans Toppie!  Aunt Tappie, Sassy McSass-Sass, Billy Snicker-Snicker and “Cricket” present their little radio play.

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2 Responses to “sc 368 That Your Eyes Have Seen”

  1. Kathy Bacon Says:

    The rally was a very good time – a few things that were meh – but thankfully I did not allow them to overshadow all the R&R time I was having – less the near head on collision – I will be much more careful on that turn next time – it is a mountain – or maybe just a hill – and the down trip consists of two spirals – and in between a few 15mph curves that are like horseshoes – well – on the very last one I was going to fast to make the sharp turn and went into the other lane – I am so proud of my handling the bike and not crashing. I am sure I would be dead. But do not bother on that – I am still here – so – It was great. I am so looking forward to Vegas – although I am not going – I am hoping to be able to catch all the little shows – I hope you are updating that list when you think of other things – but remember that carry on and checked bag has size and weight limits .
    I am always the buzz kill – see above – least I wasn’t the ROADKILL LOL

    SUMMER is nearing the end – it was dark here last night so early –

    well – off to fitbit – I have to rock a bikini at Sturgis next year – its the big 80th!!! Man!! My kids would die a thousand deaths if I wore a bikini in public. Last time I wore one was about 16 years ago – it was $92. I am sure I still have it – I am sure it does NOT fit. LOL

    Hmmmm…..I will listen to this while I fitbit – I was NOT able to listen to any shows last week – with the wind and the sound of the bike no matter how high I turn the volume podcasts are really quiet.

    I may also get to meet Tom and Terry in Chicago – they travel with Vera – can you believe it – I will be meeting famous people once removed. Or something like that –

    And LASTLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY – I hope you had a good one – I am sorry I missed it – I think on your birthday I was at No Pantie Wednesday in Huelett WY – and there were a lot of nice looking guys there – and also there were more boys riding with boys that I have ever seen 🙂 I should start nagging Jim and Gavin to go next year – imagine that – wow – that would be a long ride – ok – this is really too long – 39 days or so to your vacation!! YAY


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