sc 367 Toppie’s Summer Update!

sc episode 367

Toppie blabs about his goings-on this summer!

Mentioned on today’s podcast:

Timmy Simms

Brother Cinaedus

Matt Burlingame


Crone Haven (the ever mysterious)



The Fey Driver

BJ (Blind Guy Jay)


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2 Responses to “sc 367 Toppie’s Summer Update!”

  1. Kathy Bacon Says:

    Do you suppose you could wrap your parents in bubble wrap?

    I read a thing on Facebook the other day that Michael Moore posted about walking – it really is good for you – I know it is not easy to start and from the sounds of your weather that would just be more damp sticky.

    I am excited for everyone who is going to Vegas. I am not apologizing for not going – though I wish I could – because we are going to the Bike Rally for a whole week and taking S to Chicago to see One Direction – so those are pretty fabulous events for me too.

    Well – enjoy the rest of your summer – and I agree – it is going by comfortably ~ not too fast and not to slow – i think the kid heads back to college in 4 weeks. I am so excited Toppie – he is so messy – I cannot wait until he leaves so I can scour that bathroom down there from top to bottom.


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      Yeah, maybe bubble-wrap — maybe pillows! Yep, I need to get my ass moving and back on my Doc’s agenda for me. A whole week for a bike rally sounds very fun! And I love Chicago, although I’ve only been there once. All the locals here are enjoying the last few weeks sans students. When they return, it’s a very different city… but, it’s all good, ‘cuz they breath new life into this old place.


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