sc episode 400

If you thought episodes 0 through 399 were weird…  wait until you get a load of this…

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4 Responses to “sc 400 FOUR HUNDRED”

  1. Kathy Bacon Says:

    I did Know about the surprise – only because I was chatting with Daniel about the costs of a visit to NYC which we very well may take next year for my daughters sweet 16 which is consequently her golden birthday which consequently makes her gift more outlandish than usual – anyway – wood Haven is actually in reference to patrick plain – every work day when he is on the bus home he notifies his husband of his pending arrival time at home by texting wood haven to him.

    It was supposed to replace the sigh. But I keep forgetting the word.

    Damn thyroid.

    Happy 400!! We should all send you 4 bucks.


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      Oh wow…. Hah! I really did screw that up. Now that you mention it…. I guess Wood Haven is NOT where our Auntie lives…. erm…. Woodland Hills is correct, I believe. Oh well… that makes that bit I did even weirder. DOH! Anyways… your daughter is sure in for a treat as far as that NY City goes. I was there once many years ago and I loved it. And how charming is that tid-bit of information about Patrick Plain and his husband. Awww… Anyways, thanks for the correction and the happy 400. 😀


  2. cronehaven Says:

    ha. I think you succeeded in fooling everyone into thinking you podcast in underpants san trousers when anyone who stalks you has seen your true podcasting attire, from your vintage top hat and designer suits to your polished wingtips.

    I really liked your white seersucker summer suit with the polka dot bow tie.


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      You know…. really… THANK YOU Crone Haven…. because sometimes I don’t think I am appreciated enough for this. I try pretty hard…. and really…. at great expense to encourage this image of me. You know…. lots of shopping…. lots of fashions… Nice to know it is paying off for me!!! 😀 😀 ❤


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