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Start with a personal journal podcast about a 55 year old gay man, mix in some current events and add a healthy dose of some very odd fantasy elements and you have Toppie Smellie’s SMELLCAST!

Toppie takes you with him as he tests the boundaries of the podcasting universe.

Sometimes The Smellcast is merely mind numbingly mundane — but in a pleasant sort of way. Sometimes you will find it funny — in a sort of stupid, affected way.

Other times you will discover within it
real pathos, human drama,
whimsy, surrealism,
and occasionally
utter nonsense.

Fun! Entertaining! Mysterious!


For those of you not pressed for time,
(yay for you!!)
Read the following.

My name is Toppie Smellie. I am a 55 year old gay guy living in Pickle Hallow New York.  Ummm… that’s somewhere in the finger lakes region.  Some people refer to it as “Upstate or Central NY.”  Just look for the tallest slag heaps.

About four years ago my life changed dramatically when I moved back home to my birthplace to live with my parents.


I have created this blog to direct traffic to my podcast.  Most of my entries on this blog will be show notes as I publish new episodes of my Smellcast. But who knows — I might be entering written posts or showing photos or otherwise playing around with whatever else wordpress has to offer.

Mostly The Smellcast is a chronicle of an average shmuck just trying to get through the week without screwing up too much.  After failing in every way an adult can fail there is no place left to go but up.  Well, hopefully anyways… So join me for the ride and listen as I do my best to regain my self respect and rebuild my failed life. A lot of what I talk about in this blog and on my podcast revolves around  my day to day interactions with my mother and father, two very wonderful people.

The Smellcast is also about local, regional and world events, issues and happenings; personalities and people that I find of interest; fascinating topics of discovery and whimsy.

The Smellcast is, in addition to being an audio journal, a playground of sorts for various forms of self-amusement.  In having a good time myself, I hope it will also be of some amusement to listeners as well. There is a strong fantasy element to the podcast — and sometimes it’s pretty weird.

I welcome you here and hope you come back to this blog.  I encourage you to leave comments and let me know what you think.  I will be relying on constructive criticism to help me improve.

You can e-mail me at the following address:

Thanks for stopping by!  Smell you later!

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